North Little Rock Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs

Protecting the value and condition of your rental property is one of our priorities.

As your property management partner in North Little Rock, we’ll take care of emergency maintenance, routine repairs, and preventative services. We’ll also talk about any opportunities we identify to upgrade and improve your home, bringing in higher rents and better tenants.

Count on a talented team of vendors and contractors who are licensed, insured, affordable, and professional.

Save Money with Cost-Effective Maintenance and Preventative Services

Responsive Maintenance Services

We respond to maintenance requests with a sense of urgency and professionalism. Someone from our team is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, just in case there’s an emergency after hours requiring an immediate response.

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Tenants understand that they’re our partners when it comes to maintaining your home. We work with them to ensure they understand the importance of reporting repair needs right away. We share our expectations and review the process of documenting and making a repair request.

Routine and preventative maintenance will cut down on those expensive emergencies. We get out ahead of problems, taking a close look at your property whenever we have the opportunity. We want to avoid deferred maintenance and unreported issues. These things only get more expensive with time, and we’re here to protect your property and save you money.

Planning Renovations and Upgrades

At Goss Management, we see ongoing maintenance and repairs as just the beginning of caring for your property. We also look for opportunities to make renovations and upgrades.

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These need not be expensive. Simple improvements can dramatically impact the value of your property, the rents you bring in, and the tenants you attract. Here’s what we might recommend:

  • Fresh paint

  • New carpet or hard surface floors

  • Energy efficient appliances

  • Better lighting

  • Updated landscaping

Most of these upgrades are made during the turnover process, when you’re investing in maintenance anyway. We’ll identify the most cost-effective improvements, and talk to you about why they matter.

Vendor and Contractor Relationships

Our team of licensed contractors and insured vendors delivers quality maintenance services at affordable prices.

These are important relationships that benefit the owners we work with. Finding reliable services isn’t always easy, whether we’re talking about landscaping or plumbing or HVAC help.

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Our vendors have worked with us for many years. They understand the urgency when there’s an emergency repair, and they’re quick to tell us when it’s time to replace something that has outlived its serviceability.

Whether it’s an emergency plumbing leak, a preventative service call to check the heating and cooling system, or an upgrade in the kitchen to make your property more appealing to the best tenants in North Little Rock, we’re happy to work with such a talented group of maintenance professionals.

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How Much is Your North Little Rock Rental Home Worth?

Understanding the local North Little Rock rental market isn’t always easy. Things change. Tenant demands shift. Competition comes and goes.

At Goss Management, we’re prepared. We’ve seen the local rental market move through all sorts of shifts, and we know how to accurately and competitively price your rental home. You can count on our extensive collection of data to tell us where your property falls in terms of what it’s worth.

Invest in North Little Rock Rental Homes

Are you thinking about investing in North Little Rock rental property? Now is the time. Our market is still relatively affordable compared to others, but you can also count on rising rents and increasing property values. Our local area is growing, and there’s a constant pool of well-qualified residents. Now is a great time to invest.

Contact us at Goss Management to learn more about the North Little Rock rental market.

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I had quite an issue with a refrigerator delivered to my property in North Little Rock that Goss Mgmt takes care of for me. I’m in California so you can imagine how difficult this was. Paige was an ENORMOUS help throughout the whole process. Always keeping me updated, answering/returning all my phone calls and emails…even during non working hours! I would 100% recommend Goss mgmt to anyone looking to rent their home. You will not be disappointed.

-Pancho Villa


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