North Little Rock Rental Property Marketing and Leasing

Do you know where to find the best tenants?

We do. Our strategic marketing services include attention-grabbing listings and a comprehensive online advertising strategy designed to attract well-qualified renters who are looking for a home as fantastic as yours.

At Goss Management, we know that a successful rental experience starts with a successful leasing experience. Let us show you how it’s done.

Our Faster Leasing Program Leads to Less Vacancy Loss

Marketing North Little Rock Rental Homes

You might have the best rental home in North Little Rock. It won’t matter if people don’t know it’s for rent.

Marketing is a huge part of the leasing process, and we’re ready to create a dynamic listing, attract good tenants to your property, and show your home to anyone qualified to rent it.

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We understand the market, and we know what tenants are looking for. As we market your property, we’ll focus on high-quality photos, concise and detailed description, and a few indicators of what we’re looking for and how to reach us.

Online is where we focus most of our resources; using popular rental sites and even social media. We’ll also leverage our network of local business and real estate professionals as well as our own website to showcase your property.

Our marketing strategies lead to a wider pool of well-qualified renters.


Screening North Little Rock Tenants

As interest grows in your North Little Rock rental, we begin preparing to show it off.

After walk-throughs and tours, we’ll offer applications and provide our standard screening criteria. Then, we will evaluate each tenant consistently and in accordance with all fair housing laws. Our screening process includes:

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  • Checking credit

  • Verifying income

  • Checking criminal backgrounds

  • Looking for prior evictions

  • Exploring rental histories

Moving from the listing to the application to the screening process must be seamless and quick. There’s no need to lose money on extra vacancies.

We’ll deliver a well-screened, well-qualified tenant to ensure a successful and pleasant rental period.

Executing an Enforceable and Compliant Lease

Once a tenant has been approved, it’s time to sign the lease agreement.

The lease is serious. It’s the document that will protect you, your property, and your tenant as long as they rent your home.

We work with leases that are specifically written in accordance with Arkansas laws. The lease we execute is both legally compliant and legally enforceable.

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When you work with Goss Management, you won’t have to hunt down a lease agreement that seems to work for your property. You’ll have one that’s attorney-reviewed and ready to set forth the expectations that we have for your tenants throughout the rental period.

Before the move-in, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the property to document its condition. We’ll collect the move-in funds. We’ll establish a great relationship with your renters and prepare for a successful tenancy.

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How Much is Your North Little Rock Rental Home Worth?

If you’re ready to rent out your home, the first order of business is deciding how much to rent it for. What will good tenants be willing to pay?

Talk to our team at Goss Management. We can provide a free comparative rental analysis that looks at similar rental homes in the neighborhood. We’ll use our data and our property management insights to attach a rental value that’s profitable, competitive, and accurate.

Invest in North Little Rock Real Estate

Whether you’re buying your first investment property or building a portfolio of rentals, North Little Rock is an excellent market to invest in. The population is growing, and so is the local economy. This is a strong rental market with diverse neighborhoods and property types. Residents are pleased to be looking for homes in such an affordable area, and you can count on consistent, recurring rents.

Contact us at Goss Management to learn more about the North Little Rock rental market.

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I had quite an issue with a refrigerator delivered to my property in North Little Rock that Goss Mgmt takes care of for me. I’m in California so you can imagine how difficult this was. Paige was an ENORMOUS help throughout the whole process. Always keeping me updated, answering/returning all my phone calls and emails…even during non working hours! I would 100% recommend Goss mgmt to anyone looking to rent their home. You will not be disappointed.

-Pancho Villa


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